Q: What size containers are available, and how do I pick the correct size for my belongings?
A: We offer 1/4, 1/2 & full size containers, please use our quick calculator for an approximate guide.

Q: What times can I access my container?
A: You can access your container from 5.00am to 10.00pm everyday, using your personal swipe card to gain access to the container park.

Q: How can I stop my washing machine and fridge from developing mould in storage?
A: All our containers are well ventilated, however, thoroughly clean and dry your white goods before storing, and keep the door slightly ajar.

Q: Are my storage container contents insured?
A: Please contact your current household insurer to advise them that your effects are in storage, to find out if they are covered.

Q: I require a trailer to transport my effects to the Gold Storage site, can you help?
A: Currently we do not have any courtesy trailers, however, we can put you in touch with a suitable rental firm, please contact us.

Q: Can I store anything in my container?
A: Our terms and conditions (available on request) detail prohibited goods. These include but are not limited to, illegal, stolen, flammable, explosive, environmentally harmful and hazardous goods.